Working At Topfloor Systems

Work-Life Balance

We offer our team the ability to work in an environment that is suitable to their needs. We offer the opportunity to work remotely or to work from our Office in Leopardstown, Dublin, Ireland. All our internal tools and systems have been designed to be remote first. You choose the combination that gives you the work-life balance you want.

We Decide Our Own Path

We have spent more than a decade bootstraping a company and building products that sustane our business without the need for external funding. Now we are ready to grow into new markets and we want you to help us do this.

Training Assistance

Learning should never stop. Each team member has a learning budget to take training courses to ensure personal growth and innovation within our business. We provide the budget and time for each individual for select professional certification courses.

Professional Development

We are a small team. There are many possibilities to carve your career path with us. With learning opporunities and feedback, you can grow in your profession in Topfloor to make the most of your talents and passions.

Well-being & Happiness

Working ourselves into burn-out benefits no one. We do not to set unrealistic and stressful delivery deadlines. Everyone has access to generous and flexible vacation time, parental leave, sick and personal days off.

Our job openings

Sorry, there are no open positions at the moment. If you are a Ruby developer and are interested in talking to us about opportunities, please contact at

Recruitment FAQ's

We develop web applications. Our software is hosted on AWS.

Our primary back-end programming language is Ruby using the Ruby on Rails framework. We use a mixture of PostgreSQL, Redis, and ElasticSearch for data and state storage. Our Ruby on Rails APIs are served up using Puma, NGinx and AWS Application Load Balancers.

Our front-end is being developed using Angular V11+. We currently do not have any mobile applications but it is on our road map.

Some older systems are developed in Java. Periodically we assign time on the road map to migrate systems written in Java over to our newer technologies.

Other systems we use include:

  • Self-hosted Gitlab instance for version control, wiki docs, continuous integration and project/bug tracking
  • Self-hosted ELK stack for monitoring usage and performance across our network
  • Self-hosted Sentry with java, ruby and javascript clients, for central error reporting
  • Self-hosted Chef for server provisioning and management

The recruitment process for a software role can take from 2-8 weeks depending on the level of the position. At every stage of the process we are attempting to determine your suitability for the role and for the company. It is equally important that you also use this time to ask questions to determine if the role and company are suitable for you!

Unsuccessful candidates will always get a response from us. You will get a fast response from us by email that will contain feedback about our decision.

  1. When we receive your application, we will schedule an initial introductory 15 minute phone-screening call.
  2. After a successful phone-screening, we will send you a questionare and coding challenge. We aim for this to take less than 3 hours. We understand you will have other commitments and time constraints. We will be flexible to work around your schedule for when you can complete your submission. The tasks are designed to see how you solve problems. No one solves software problem in isolation. There will be team members available to answer your questions.
  3. After a successful submission you will move onto a technical interview. Due to safety around covid-19, this will most likely be a video interview. You will be given the opportunity to present your solution. You will also be asked role-specific questions and about your past problem solving experiences/scenarios.
  4. Following a successful technical interview you will meet team leaders such as company directors and managers in a final round of interviews. There will be some overlap in questions from the technical interview. You will also be asked about your goals for career goals and how we can acheive them together at Topfloor Systems.

We commit to replying everyone who applies for a position in Topfloor Systems. If you take the time to make a thoughtful application, you deserve is a well considered response from us.

After your interview we will aim to get back to you within 3 days. If your interview was early in our schedule of interviews, it may take us longer to make a final decision but we will strive to keep in contact with you.

New employees start on a probation period of 6 months. Progress of an employee during probation will be regularly reviewed and feedback given.

We are a small bootstrapped company. Currently the team is divided between customer support and product development. As the team grows we may have the need for further sub-teams. At the moment we are a small enough team that everyone has the opportunity to get involved at all levels.

Our communication tools are chosen to be remote first. This gives each team member equal opportunities to work remotely or to work from the office. We use the Basecamp software service for team communication. We keep meetings to a minimum to avoid wasteful distraction.

Each sub-team has their own daily 10 minute video meeting and the full company has a single 30 minute weekly meeting.

Yes it is! We have an office in Leopardstown, Dublin. It is your choice to work remotely or from office in Dublin or both! We will help in whatever way we can to ensure you have a comfortable, productive workspace and a healthy work-life balance.

Once it is safe again(post-covid) we will try to organise team days in the office on a weekly/monthly basis.

Currently we offer only full-time, permanent positions.

Hours are semi-flexible. Most of the team are already working from 9am - 5pm. We encourage an overlap of approx. 80% of your work hours within this time.