Topfloor Training

Letman training

Module 1: Set-up and Maintenance

Likely candidates: Director/Office Manager
  • The operation of the Client's Rent Account. The House Agents Act, Legislation & Accounting Requirements.
  • Setting up and editing: Users, Creditors, Locations, Management Companies, Housing Authorities, Utility Providers, Retailers.
  • Creating and editing commission rates, letting rates and charges.
  • Creating branches and bank accounts.
  • Letman settings
  • Management Reports of concern to an office manager or Director.

Module 2: Administration and Marketing

Likely candidates: Lettings Agent / “Front Office Staff”
  • Creating/editing/searching/changing status landlords, properties, tenants, leases.
  • Searching available properties, marketing (window cards, uploading websites)
  • Residential Tenancies Act 2004, advising landlords and tenants of their options.
  • Lease Renewals. Roll-overs, amendments, converting to Part 4s.
  • Overdue rents
  • Appointments and Tasks.

Module 3: Finance and Reporting

Likely candidates: Accounts or “Back Office” Staff / Director / Office Manager
  • Void Periods.
  • First of month lease accounting.
  • Income. Rent Received, Security Deposits, Other Property Income.
  • Expenses. Creditors, Deposits, Letting Fee Invoices, Remittances by Property, Landlord or EMTS remittance file.
  • Journal transactions.
  • Reversals and wrappers.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Reports
  • The cost of each Training module is €300 per trainee, ex VAT.
  • Each Training Module is 4 hours with a 15 minute break.
  • Maximum number of 4 trainees per session
  • Discounts are available for 2 or more staff. Arrangements can be made for private classes on a per agency basis.

Blockman training

Module 1: Beginner

Likely candidates: Director/Office Manager
  • The Lease and other legal documents, Management Company Structure.
  • Setting up and editing: Agency Details, Users, Bank A/C Details, Creditors.
  • Creating and editing Blocks.
  • Adding Secretarial Details, Bank Details to Blocks.
  • Adding Units
  • Editing Units.

Module 2: Intermediate ( Financial )

Likely candidates: Accounts / Director / Office Manager / Property Manager
  • Add Creditors at a Block Level.
  • Add Service Charges / Lease Cost Centres.
  • Service Charge Apportionment.
  • Charge out Service Charges.
  • Add and pay invoices
  • Reminders and Final Notices.
  • Bank Reconciliation / Year End.
  • Export Information.

Module 3: Advanced ( Financial & Reporting )

Likely candidates: Accounts / Director / Office Manager
  • Add Opening Balances for Units.
  • Computerise Balance Sheet.
  • Configure Default General Ledger Accounts Global Level.
  • Configure General Ledger Accounts Block Level.
  • Enter Budget and configure Sinking Funds.
  • Collect Service Charges by Direct Debit.
  • Pay Creditors by Direct Credit ( CPS ).
  • Charge Agency Fees Globally.
  • Reconcile and balance.
  • Price on application